Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movie Player by vb

yes, with vb, we can create a movie player.
here, i create a movie player. we can change movie number.
it will play from the first movie and then go to next movie until the end.
click here to download full code and application.
have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Make 'blinking' label or any object with vb

wanna make a blinking label or object?..?

with vb, its so is the way:

suppose object label1 will blinking, step:

1. Put label1 t the form, fill its caption with any title

2. Put Timer to the form, set its properties: Enabled=true, interval=100 (it means 100 millisecond)

3. Goto code editor by doubleclick Timer, write this code:

    private sub Timer1_Timer()

        label1.visible=not label1.visible   'this will blink label1 each 100ms

     end sub

4. Finish...Run it!....

More timer programming in vb...try this...

Create Own Splash Screen in VB

Splash Screen adalah tampilan awal yang biasanya muncul ketika suatu aplikasi dijalankan.

Splash Screen biasanya berisikan informasi umum atau hanya ucapan selamat datang.

Oke, bagaimana bikinnya?...gampang....

Klik disini untuk download. Source code lengkap!

Selamat berkarya....